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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

My Customized Cell Case

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to get this posted right away. There was a lot of interest on my social media accounts so without further ado.....

This is my customized floral cell case holder from Etsy. The price was great and so was the service. This is actually my second order. My original order was in March and it was the week that everything shutdown. The Esty shop that I ordered this from sent it out and we both believe that it got lost in the mail. 

So they sent out a second one this month and I was so grateful that they did. They sent it will no problems whatsoever. 

My case was designed for my Samsung S9. They make it for several different devices. You just select your device, your pattern cover, and personalization if you want it. This is a photo of the inside. It does have three card slots. 

This is the backside. Both sides have the floral design and your name and did you all see the price? Yes, it only cost that much! The only issue is time with shipping. For me, my order was sent out on May 7th and I received it yesterday. There is no tracking number so you will just have to trust the system. 

If there is an issue let them know and they will send out a new one. But you have to wait for the 15-20 days before you can request a replacement. That is what I did. 

I hope you all enjoyed this great and new find. I have been looking for a new cell case for about a year now and I am glad that I found this company. I am going to wait a bit but I will be ordering a second one. I am thinking about patterns 2 or 5.


(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. This is very beautiful.Thanks.

  2. I adore this cell (mobile phone) case.
    Looking at Etsy now! June

  3. Hi June!
    I hope you find one that you like. Please let me know if you do.