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Monday, May 25, 2020

May Favorites ~ 2020

Hello Everyone and Happy Memorial Day!!!

Things sure are different this year. No swimming, visiting people, just hanging out at home and doing some simple grilling. I hope you all are enjoying your families today and thank you to those who have served this country!

Now let's get into my May favorites. The first is a new item above. I purchased this lovely dark blue garden stool from Target. I have been wanting one with the blue being the major color and the white being the subtle one. It's so chic!

My second has been my grand hydrangea from QVC. I talked about this in my lastest youtube video. I said that I was going to order another one. I haven't yet. It's really big and I would not know where to put a second one. 

Third has been the organic raw honey from Costco. I LOVE this stuff! I put a teaspoon sometimes 2 in my hot tea in the mornings. It is so good. I have been buying the package every time we go. I need to slow down on it!  

Fourth, has been peonies! Of course, it is peony season! I found these gorgeous stems at the grocery store. I called my local florist to see if they had any and she told me that they are harvesting this week. I can come this week to pick up a few as long as I have my face mask. Not a problem, I can't wait!

Fifth, has been my new Amazon shredder. I love having a new shredder in my home office. I was able to get old documents shredded. Like our closing documents from our first home, checks from my first bank account, old bills, etc. It has been wonderful having it.  

And the last item has become essential, and it's my face mask from Gossamer.

I saw these on their Instagram page and had to order it. I got two sets and paid I think under $30. They have been comfortable and do the job! 

I hope you all enjoyed my favorites for this month. I will try to get a video filmed this week for Youtube. Enjoy your holiday!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Good morning,

    I also have a new dark blue garden stool. What a coincidence! My parents gifted one to us from Wayfair for our anniversary later this month. With so much time spent at home, I have been craving new decor pieces. A few things are arriving this week. That's wonderful your local florist is open despite the current circumstances!


    1. Hello Kelsie,
      You have a dark blue garden stool too? Isn't is chic? I love mine and have been wanting one for sometime now. I am with you on craving new home decor pieces. I think it's because we are sitting around the home more and you begin to look around and think, "now why do I still have this old thing". I hope you share your beautiful new finds! I would love to see them.