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Friday, May 29, 2020

Home Life ~ Quarantine

Well, I don't think any of us saw this lasting this long. When this all started in March (for our city), I initially thought, "We'll be back in the office in April". Well, April has come and went and now May is gone. I really didn't think it would last this long but here we are.

I know for me I have been trying to find the bright side of this madness. This has some similar feelings as the shutdown that we all went through in early 2019. I actually read my post from that and saw that I am doing the same thing I did then. Just being patient and trying to trust the Lord. 

I know the very first thing that I have been enjoying is my front yard garden. I have so many beautiful plants. My peonies this year look outstanding!

The second is the food at home. I love eating at home. I am not a restaurant person so when they said that they were closing them I did not feel bad for me but for the workers. I could eat at home any night and every night. I saw this packet of veggies at the grocery store. It was called "steak topper" and the ingredients were, mushrooms, parsley, garlic, rosemary, and thyme. I thought this would be great in spaghetti! 

So that's what I made! It was sensational!

I am still reading magazines and following inspiring people on Instagram. I can't remember where I saw this gorgeous room but I am taking notes! I definitely would like to find the 26x26 pillowcases with the tan trim. Gorgeous right? 

Of course, I have not stopped visiting my favorite resale clothing app. I love Poshmark and have been finding wonderful clothes, shoes, and home decor. Like these gently used and might I say extremely chic Coach flats. I paid only $30 for them. They are practically brand new and I am helping a fellow Posher make money. Everyone wins!

I found this gorgeous houndstooth JCrew tray and Kate Spade earrings from Poshmark!

For Mother's Day, we spent a quiet evening at home but my mother in law did give me these beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments. I can't wait to see these on the tree this year.

And lastly, I still get up every morning, work out, bathe and dress completely. Just because we are stuck at home doesn't mean I can't look good. This is a true testing time. This moment right now really lets you know if you dress for people or you. And I can truly say that I dress for me. I am still wearing heels to the grocery store! This virus won't stop my show not if I can help it! 

Have a great weekend everyone! I am really excited and nervous. I dropped a dress off with my seamstress this week to make some alterations. I pick it up this weekend. We will see!!!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Hi Mrs. Shockley,

    Ohhh-I have never seen ornaments like those. I just love them. I searched for them on line to no avail. I also searched on Poshmark for the flats. I really appreciate a high quality, chic ballet flat. They're a must when I'm out with my little ones. Lastly, the pillows are gorgeous. My headboard is the same fabric and color as yours, but is tufted. Hhhmmm-I will look into those as well. Thank you for the inspiration to stay chic and enjoy a beautiful home life during this time of uncertainty.

    1. Hello Mya,
      The Christmas ornaments are from the Valerie Parr Hill collection. I saw several sets on eBay. They are called the musical egg collection. I agree with you. I love a perfect elegant flat. I hope you find a pair! I hope you enjoy your home life too. It's been so horrible! Now people are looting and rioting here. Be safe!