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Friday, May 22, 2020

A Few Internet Favs

Good Morning Everyone,

I still have not heard of when we might return to the office. I know here in Indy they are canceling a big chunk of our summer concerts and conventions. Some of the tenants (law offices) in our building are not returning until August. So we will see how things go...

I took my Manolo dupes out for a spin. Yes, I wore them to the grocery store, why not? I think it's the perfect time to "break-in" a shoe.  I love them. So comfy... it was nice having something sparkly and feminine on my feet while I am wearing a hideous mask. 

In today's post I wanted to share a few things on the internet that I just loved. I hope you all enjoy these...

I saw these lovely cards on Facebook from Felix Doolittle. I love his work and I am thinking about ordering a few things. I saw him on the Martha Stewart Show years ago. 

I saw these beauties on Instagram. Estee Lauder Lip Repair Potion, it looks like a winner to me! I love their pure envy color. I had a sample last year and loved it!

One of my friend's daughter started a baking company called The Paint Can Bakery and she does amazing work! She made this cake from scratch for a wedding recently. I adore it and told her I wanted a small one for my birthday. But she doesn't ship and we live almost 2 hours away!

I can not have a favs post without blue and white. I am following this Instagram account called Shop Splendor in the South. They sell beautiful unique pieces like this tissue holder. I sooo want this but I am trying to find something similar in the home that I can use. 

Saw this and had to include it....

I found this company on Instagram while scrolling thru. I don't follow them. I think it was just an advertisement. The company is called Lo Florist Supplies. They have lots of supplies for parties. 

Another great quote! I have had a lot of people say, "oh you can't hold grudges" and I feel like I am not. I am just trying to keep the crazy people away from me!

I saw this beautiful hat on Poshmark. I had to make an offer. I got it! It's brand new and from Ann Taylor!

These beauties were on Etsy. I love the cluster vintage pearl look. I got them for $10!

I could not pass up this houndstooth printed JCrew tray. Do you see the price? Yes, I purchased it. It arrived yesterday and looks great on my home office desk. Super chic!

Okay, I could not get enough of Poshmark for the last two weeks. I made an offer on these and they should be arriving this weekend. So lovely...

Lastly, I don't know if any of you are on Facebook but they are now letting you create your own Avatar. Here is mine. I actually like her. What do you guys think?

Well this was a fun post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! We are just keeping things simple. We are going to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs with a few sides. Enjoy your families!

(photos via Facebook, Instagram & Poshmark)


  1. You have great taste. I would love that blue and white tissue holder! Like the avatar. June

    1. Hello June,
      Thank you very much! I love the blue and white tissue holder. Isn't it lovely? I like the avatar too! It was fun creating it.