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Friday, February 14, 2020

Scrumptious Salads for Me

Hello Friday Morning and Happy Valentines Day,

It's a three day weekend again. I am thinking about going to see a friend. She had a massive stroke in July of last year and has not been the same. Her birthday is coming up and I want to take her some flowers and spend some time with her. 

In Wednesday's post, I talked about my recent decision to take probiotics. I wanted to share in this post the recent salads that I have been making for lunch. 

This is my little Kate Spade Lunch Bag that I found on Poshmark brand new. It is really small so I would not encourage you to buy it if you plan on having large meals. I love it because I can pack small items and they will be protected in my tote. 

I have been buying bags of spinach and veggies. I like to place my salads in large zip-lock bags because I like to fix my salads together when I get in the office. I don't want everything being in the bowl and getting soggy. So here I have my spinach and shredded cheese in one bag and my cucumber and tomato in the other. 

Here I have some crispy chicken tenders chopped up. I placed these in the oven and let them cool off. Once I go to the office, I place them in the microwave to warm them and put them in my salad. 

I can't forget my favorite salad dressing. If you love the salads at Olive Garden then that means you love their Italian dressing. You can buy this at the store now and I love it on my salads! So good!

All finished now time to pack everything up. 

It all fits including the cinnamon almonds that I have for a snack. 

In this photo, I am at the office and have put my beautiful salad together. It is so good and I have a green tea to drink with it and my lovely cinnamon almonds as a snack.

Simple pleasures in life and make it wonderful sometimes. I hope you all have a great weekend and share in the comments section below your favorite salad ingredients. I would love to know!

Thanks for reading!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Happy Friday, Mrs. Shockley!

    I too like salad for lunch. To simply things at this season in my life, I buy different salad mixes at Sam's Club and add Rotisserie chicken to it. So delicious and simple. Cinnamon almonds? What a fantastic snack.

    1. Hey Mya,
      Yum! Rotisserie chicken sounds soo good! I may have to try that!

  2. I thought of you at the grocery store last weekend when I picked up the air fried chicken I saw in your YouTube video. Your salad looks lovely on your desk. I've had the Olive Garden salad dressing before and should really pick up another bottle. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Kelsie - gar0190

    1. Hello Kelsie,
      Lol, Did you try the air fry chicken? I did and it was okay. I don't think that I will buy it ever again. I love their salad dressing. It is so good! I hope you had a great Valentine's weekend too!

    2. The chicken seemed healthier, I believe, but a little dry? I don't think I'll buy it again either, but it was fine for two meals. I did pick up more Olive Garden salad dressing yesterday which I will be using for my work salads this week!