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Monday, February 10, 2020

Blue and White in my Cabinets

Good Morning,

I am back online after taking a week off. If you watched my YouTube video last week I discussed how my boxer chewed my cord to my home computer! Not fun! Now I did not catch him in the act but as soon as I picked it up I yelled at both of them, "You chewed my cord"! The baby boxer (he is 5 years old) just sat there but the older one (who is 8 years old) ran down the stairs. GUILTY!!!

It's okay, I got a new one and here we are. In today's post I wanted to share a very small project that I did. I know we all probably have had or do have drawer pads. I saw this beautiful role of blue and white drawer padding at the store and just had to pick it up.

I could not find the link but I found it at my local grocery store. It is lovely.

I decided to put it under my sink cabinet on my side. I am now showing you guys my business. One of my oil sheen spray cans busted and I have been trying everything to get it out. 

Another reason why I decided to place this there. 

It looks so much better now. Now all I need are some beautiful organizing boxes to place inside with all of my products. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday and I pleased to announce that we had SNOW this weekend! I pray that the heavens above are hearing my prayers. If you watched my fashion video on YouTube I had a small rant about how I hate how warm it is. Please let the seasons go accordingly. Everything is beautiful in it's time. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Hello Mrs.Shockley.
    I love this idea of blue and white cabinates. Home decor can be very fun. Thank you 😀

    1. Hello Aliyah,
      Home decor can be very fun and affordable!