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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Learning about Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunks

Good Morning,

It is Wednesday and we are close to wrapping up this short week. I missed my opportunity to go antique shopping up north but it's okay. I have a birthday coming up soon and will be taking the day off. I will definitely squeeze that in. 

On Monday, I talked about all of the articles that I read on Traditional and one of the articles was about vintage Louis Vuitton trunks. 

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these but I have never seen one in person. The history behind this elegant brand just never ceases to amaze me. 

The article said, "Monsieur Vuitton began designing luggage in 1854, but it wasn’t until the 1890s when son George wrapped valises in LV-monogram canvas in an attempt to thwart copycats. In 1959, when the smart set began to tote some of their own baggage, grandson Gaston Vuitton lightened their load with "soft" luggage, required accouterments for swanning around Charles de Gaulle airport." 

The soft luggage sounds wonderful but it's the heavier trunks that are more desirable. There is so much you could do with one. I know for me I would definitely use one as a table. It's a must, right?

Just look at that. It is absolutely outstanding! I would love to purchase one at an auction. The article talked about them selling at auctions for as low as $2,000! That's almost cheaper than a bag itself!

The article also stated,
"Luggage collectors love the ripe aroma of aged, honey-colored leather and a good vintage (pre-1950). "They shouldn’t have that spooky attic smell or stains inside," cautions Rutherford. Lost keys also depress value. But compared to retail, Vuitton luggage is a bargain at auction and buyers are never wait-listed." 

I am hoping to own one someday. I believe they are timeless and will never lose value. It's a classic antique piece to own. I hope that you enjoyed this quick little bit of vintage history. If you wish to read the original article you may view it here.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

(photos via Pinterest & Traditional

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