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Friday, September 20, 2019

Daily Poise & Grace

Another end to another week. I had a few people reach out to me regarding my blog post on Wednesday. A lot of people are having "people issues". At least I know that it is universal and not just me. 

But honestly not to get too religious about this but the Lord warned us about this. "Men would become lovers of themselves." We all have to be so careful of this. It can happen very easily to any of us but it is also so fascinating to watch. It is happening right in front of our very eyes. 

I have noticed that on some days I don't want to be gracious or kind at all. I get so sick of people being rude and me just standing there. I did try something recently. There were a few people at a few locations who I always spoke too and they never spoke back. I stopped speaking to them and I noticed that the last few times I came by they were looking at me waiting for me to speak and when I didn't they looked lost. 

So then I came in the third of fourth time they spoke. I just said hello and kept going. Interesting right? People are funny and I believe that the Lord is taking me on some odd journey with this. I don't know why or what this is but I am trusting that I will pass this test or learn whatever it is I need to learn. 

I know this for sure. I must continue on my journey of being pleasant, gracious, respectful and firm. There have been some recent situations where I believe I was "pushed" to be firm and the Lord still honored me in those circumstances. 

I also believe that he wants me to continue on with my path of beauty otherwise he would not have given me the gift to love beautiful things. 

So let's continue friends. It's hard I know but let's continue to love beautiful things, share beautiful things and be beautiful things. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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