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Friday, September 6, 2019

A Provence Tour

It's Friday and I am feeling inspired. Tomorrow the St. Joan of Arc here in our city is having it's Annual French Market. I just learned about this about a month ago. Those Facebook event calendars are a great resource!

I have been viewing some of the photos from the past events and trying to get a feel for what the environment may be like. This year I made a goal to attend more events. So far so good. Today's post is a beautiful home tour of a property located in Provence.

I can't tell you how many times I have dreamed of visiting Provence. I mean I think about it almost daily. I recently read about Sharon Santoni's Italy tours.  I showed my husband the information and we both think that this is perfect for us. You have someone with you the entire time you are in Provence, and they take you antique shopping, there are flower arranging courses, and I mean the list just goes on and on. I told my husband this maybe the best route that we can take to go to Provence. It would be a dream for me.

Okay back to this beautiful home tour that I found on Traditional Home.

How would you like to walk up to this beautiful door? This door was made by a company in Provence and the stone has been dated back to 1699! How wonderful is that?

The couple has this beautiful iron day bed outside. It is being used as a bench. I never would have thought of that but how chic. Look and are those climbing roses?

The french tapestry is of a antique cartoon and the chandelier was designed by friends who used Italian artifacts. 

The couple had the floors made with creamy Jerusalem stone. I actually like the green pillows. They give the room a pop of color but still in a subtle way. 

French artisan assisted in helping to get the Provencal details right. Glazed cabinets and limestone counter-tops along with this stunning French range hood complete this elegant kitchen. 

Oh my goodness! I adore this 19th century Provencal boiserie.

What a beautiful room. Couldn't you wake up to this? The painting is of Madame Le Fevre Caumartin and is a copy. The room is decorated beautifully and not over done. 

I hope that you enjoyed this beautiful home. If you wish to read the original article you may read it here. There are more rooms to explore and gain inspiration from. I hope you all enjoy your Friday and your weekend! 

(photos via Traditional


  1. Love this home. I hope you and your husband get to take a trip to Provence one day! June

    1. Hello June,
      I love this home too! It's extraordinary. I hope we get to visit some day too. It has always been a dream of mine. Thanks for reading!