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Friday, August 23, 2019

Things I Love: Climbing Roses

It is Friday and the month of August is winding down. I can't believe it! Goodness, gracious! Next week will be time to share my monthly favorites already. I have a few to share and really enjoyed this month's items. 

I am so excited you guys. You want to know why? It's because this weekend's low is going to be in the '50s! Oh yeah! My husband has a fit when I get excited about 50-degree weather. I love my crisp morning air walks to my office. It is the best thing ever to me. I so love wearing my skirts, still being bare-legged and wearing one of my gorgeous pink blush scarfs. It is so chic!

Sighing.... it is just bliss to me. So today I wanted to share a little favorite of mine. Climbing roses.... aren't they just like heaven?

I have always wanted climbing roses on my home but my husband gives me all of these excuses as to why they are bad for the house. I don't even remember what the excuses were. Maybe it's because I ignore him when he tries to ruin my beauty ideas. 

Wouldn't you love to have something like this embracing your home? I know I would. The vines, the scent..... it's just glorious.

I've never seen a store like this. I heard that this one is in London. I hope I can visit one day. 

I have always wanted a backyard gazebo or some sort of sun room in my backyard. I would even settle for having climbing roses on my garage. I just want them! 

Well as always thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy your weekend. I hope these 50-degree lows stick around for a few days. 


(photos via Pinterest)


  1. Happy Friday! I also have wanted climbing Rose's. And my husband says the same- they will get into the siding and cause issues. I have decided then to plant Roses around my home. Have you considered a rose garden?

    1. Hi Mya!
      I have considered a rose garden. I really want one in the back but I have two boxers that pee everywhere! I was just talking with my husband about having a landscaper come out and help us come up with a plan. We'll see.

  2. Climbing roses ! I have had them and they are a lot of work.... more than the bush ones. They do not do damage to the house --- that is the wisteria's !!! OMG pretty but they get away more than roses.
    I have only one climber left ( the old fashioned Lamarque rose which is white and a pale yellow centre ) and its on a pergola that the possums do not reach and eat the flowers!!!
    I feel its better to grow the bush roses ... easier to prune and spray and the possums here in Australia do not like to walk on the ground to get to the yummy flowers - safer to climb ! lol
    Our possums are different to yours in the US.

    1. Hello LadyJicky,
      I didn't realize that possums love roses! Oh my... that's no fun. I have a friend who grew wisteria last year and she complained about it constantly. I still want to give them a chance. Maybe in a few years my husband and I can give them a try. But thank you so much for the information. You are the first person that I have met that has grown them. Thank you!

  3. If you have that desire to grow them .... then you must!!!
    We only live once and you may have better luck than me :)