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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Elegance in Partnerships

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, this was an interesting paragraph that I came across in the English Etiquette book, it was called "Rules for Good Partnerships at Home". I had to share these tips on today's blog post. I know we could all use some help in those marriages because sometimes wanting to live in order and being able to accomplish it with a spouse that is different from you can be challenging. 

The first tip is...

All decisions made by the partnership are final, and not to be undermined by subordinates. These rules stay in place even if one partner is out of the picture temporarily. 

(My husband and I established with the children when they were very young)


Children must be respectful to both parents and not try to win one over in order to change the opinion of the other. 


Parents must demonstrate respect for their partner in front of their children. There is to be no badmouthing or complaining about their spouse in front of them. 

(This one can be hard. Because sometimes I just want to beat my husband for not doing something that I asked him to do 6 years ago)


Parents must ensure that they have sufficient "scared time". This means a set time in which children must be in bed so that parents can relax alone. Children are not permitted in the bedroom of the parents, or for cuddles on the sofa DURING THIS TIME. 

And lastly,

Allow the love for your partner to be seen in front of the children. Kiss, compliment and communicate. You are the models for your children's future relationships. Set a good example.

Great tips! Most of these my husband and I do pretty well but I'm telling you I have wanted to slap him upside his head for not doing something. Especially when I have waited for YEARS! 

I hope that you all enjoyed these tips from author Alena K. Pettitt and pick up her book!

(photos via Pinterest, tips via The English Etiquette)


  1. Hello Mrs. Shockley,
    These are wonderful tips that I am working towards. Mainly with having sacred time with my husband. It can be very hard, since I am away from my girls to work. But it will happen.I am patiently waiting for this book to come in the mail!
    Have a great day,

    1. Hello Mya,
      You are I are both working on these tips. Marriage is work but can be a dream if worked well. I agree with you about the sacred time. My husband and I rarely get time alone and have never been on a trip alone but like you we are waiting patiently. I hope you enjoy this book once it arrives. I have not put it down since I received it.