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Monday, August 26, 2019

August Favorites

Oh my goodness. I am still wiped out and it's only Monday. I don't know what it is but I feel like something is sucking the energy out of my body. I think it could be the new school schedule for my daughter. Leaving the house almost an hour earlier has been a huge adjustment for us. Well, let's go ahead and get started with my favorites for this month. 

Let's start with the photo above. I have really enjoyed all of my floral arrangements this month. I have had LOTS of arrangments. My local grocery store has been running sales left and right. Even this past weekend I was able to get three dozens of roses at $6 each! Amazing right?

My second favorite has been my dowel tote handbag from Target. I have been carrying non-stop and have received numerous compliments on it. It's chic, cheap and spacious. It's a winner!

My third favorite has been a bit of a surprise. I purchased these pearl hair clips from H&M but Target also has them here. I have seen a few YouTubers and Instagrammers with these and I was a little hesitant but I love them! They look great and add a bit of a whimsical look to your appearance. Give them a try! 

My fourth favorite has been Jennifer L. Scott's video about her vintage Victoria magazine from 1994. I can't tell you guys how many times I have watched it. It's been a few. I was inspired by this and recorded my own flip through on my Youtube channel with my own vintage Victoria magazine. My magazine is from 2002 not quite as old but it was the beginning of who I am today. I hope that you guys got a chance to watch her video and mine. 

Her video

And here is my video

The fifth favorite on my list is my newly painted bedroom. I know that it has not been an entire month yet but I do love it! Color makes such a difference in a home. It can change how you see a room completely.

And my last favorite was the vintage purse/truck show that I got invited to last week. I enjoyed that so much and really loved looking at all of the vintage Louis Vuitton's and Gucci bags. I did not make a purchase but loved having an opportunity to visit, shop, and have a mom moment. 

I hope you all enjoyed my favorites for this month. Share some of your monthly favorites below. I am curious about what has made you smile this month. 

Thanks for reading!!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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