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Monday, July 29, 2019

Staying Organized ~ Lists

Good Morning and welcome to the end of July. Goodness, the end of July. Wow... this evening we have freshman orientation with our daughter Lauren. She is going to be a freshman this year!

She was in fourth grade when I started this blog. Let that sink in....

Today I want to talk about lists. Lists, lists, glorious lists! I love writing lists. Don't you? I write at least two lists every week. I write a grocery/ home list and I review our finance list.

Every week I walk through our entire home and take a look at our toiletries, home supplies, personal needs, pantry, and refrigerator to jot down what we need. 

It helps me to keep track of my home and to make sure that the fridge is stocked and ready for home meals. That I have what I need to keep my home clean and that everyone has what they need to take care of themselves. I recently read a blog post about keeping lists in our lives and found it very inspiring. Shannon gave great ideas and great lists to have handy in our lives. 

One website that I use for great and orderly lists is The Day Designer. This website has great lists and lists for everything! They are free and are emailed to you for printing. 

I emailed a few to myself this week. I plan on trying the grocery list. I normally just write down what we need and then just mark it off when I have it. I love checking things off. It helps me to complete tasks and to mentally take items off of my list. 

I know that may sound weird but I keep mental lists too. What lists do you have? Do you keep weekly lists? Please share if you do. I would love to hear it.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hello Mrs.Shockley,
    I like to use lists as well. Just this past week, I made a list for each of my girls(2 & 8) of everything they need for the Fall and Winter months. By making that list, I realized they need everything. And I will check things off as I buy them. Also, I made a list of foods my family likes to eat. That makes meal planning so easy. This was a lovely post. And I like the images you have used.Very elegant!

    1. I forgot to say, thank-you for providing the link for the check lists. I would have never known of them.♥️

    2. Hi Mya,
      That sounds great! I like the idea about making clothing lists for your kids. What a great way to keep track of their items. I hope you enjoy the website. I love the Day Designer website. It's a great place to find ideas for organizing ones life.

  2. I love lists and cannot live without them. I usually start with mental lists, then transfer to written lists. Seeing the tasks
    written down helps me to prioritise and I love to tick of
    items as they are completed. Lists help to lower my anxiety. June

    1. Hi June,
      I do the same thing. I make lists in my mind and then begin to write them down so I won't forget. Checklist are a great way to make goals too! I hope that you enjoy the Day Designer website!