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Friday, July 19, 2019

Chic Assignments ~ July

It's July already and Jennifer L. Scott from the Daily Connoisseur has already given us her assignments for this month. 

I must admit I am falling a bit behind due to our vacation. But let's dive right into the assignments for the month. 

Her first assignment was to watch Andre Rieu- Grande Valse Viennoise. I watched it and must say it was 6 minutes of loveliness! My daughter saw me watching it and came into the room and stood and watched it with me! Wonderful right? 

We clapped at the end and said BRAVO! It was great!

The second chic assignment is to read the poems of Emily Dickinson. I listened to her poem called, "Because I Could Not Stop for Death". There was a play button by this poem. So I just listened to it. It was lovely and the spokesman took his time. 

The third chic assignment was to notice when you are mindlessly snacking. Okay, I always notice when I do this and will tell myself to stop but when it's those moments in the month where it is always a little harder for me to "fight that feeling" off. During our trip, I noticed that I wanted to snack the entire time. Now I did give into the icecream and I did buy some of my Dove dark chocolate cherries while I was there but that was it. It is hard sometimes but I try to drink water when I have the urge to pick. 

And the last chic assignment is to give someone a genuine compliment. I have already started this. I try to compliment my co-workers or women while shopping if they look wonderful. It always puts a smile on someone's face when someone else notices that they made an effort today. I know when I volunteer at Dress for Success as a personal shopper, those women need to hear some kind words and we make sure that we provide it! I know whenever I tell someone you look lovely that little kid smile of theirs appears. Try it, it will make you feel good as well. 

Well, I will continue to work on these assignments for the month. Please share below if you have already started these and what impact it has had on you. I'm curious! 

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  1. Oh ... I need to stop snacking .
    I think of "why oh why did I just eat that "??? and I really feel its boredom or nerves.

    1. Lol! You are not alone! Like when I was on vacation I ate half a bag of dark chocolate cherries and just felt horrible afterwards. But you know people kept saying, "oh you're on vacation". You really can't use that as an excuse.