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Friday, July 26, 2019

A Healthy Home

It's the end of the week and let's keep things simple. Here's a wonderful quote from Martha Stewart about having a healthy home....

" Your home should be a reflection of how you WANT TO LIVE- right now, and for the next phase of your life.

It needs to have a good layout for your changing physical needs, and offer you a sense of security and calm. It's a place to think, do, make and enjoy.

When you get down to it, we need only a few of our creature comforts to live well- for me, that means having plenty of room to entertain, good light so I can read in bed and sufficient space for all my animals."

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Dress for Success is having its VIP garage sale tomorrow! I am so excited!!! Those of us who volunteer will be able to purchase items that we could not give away in the boutique. Fantastic right? If I get any goodies I will make sure that I share them on the blog or on my Youtube channel. See you all soon!

(photos via Pinterest)

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