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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Few Reminders About Etiquette

I love a good etiquette list. Especially one with great reminders on it. I saw this list about a week ago called 25 Etiquette Mistakes You Need to Stop Making by 30. Some of these actually made me chuckle. "Wait a minute, people are still doing some of these"? Oh, I should know better. I see people do some of the craziest things all the time. 

For instance, this past weekend when we were at the fair, I was watching my daughter on one of the rides and a woman came and stood next to me. She then turned around to get something out of her bag. While she was bending over she displayed about 7 holes in her leggings near her butt area! I hurried and turned my head. Oh my goodness! And another reason why it was so frustrating was that her boyfriend and/or husband was standing there watching her bend over! Did he not see those holes? Why not tell her!!!!  I was so confused. There was no way he could have missed those when they were leaving the house. But let's move on...

Etiquette along with healthy eating, dressing well and living well has become such a huge part of my everyday life. I wanted to share a few of these mistakes from the article. 

1) Sneezing into your hands
It took me about a year to break my daughter of this habit. If you sneeze into your hands just think of all of the germs that you are spreading. It's your saliva in your hand. Eeewww, so gross! Please remember to sneeze into your elbow or away from people. If you feel more coming on, excuse yourself to the restroom. Very simple...

2) Using your napkin to blow your nose
Okay, I thought I was the only one who thought this was gross. The etiquette coach from this list says that drool, tears, and food are okay to wipe. Not your boogers! Please excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to clean your nose. I know if I had to wash those napkins I would not want to see that lurking inside! 

3) Sending error-filled texts or emails from your phone
YES!! I still believe in spelling words out and using correct grammar. I am not an English major but I believe those things are important.  The etiquette coach says, "Grammar and spelling should be properly presented and proofreading is a must. Remember, it may be "just a text", but this is still representing you, your values, the quality of your work, and overall leaves an impression on the reader of who you are and the sophistication you possess." 

4) Failing to RSVP! This drives me nuts! Not only do people not RSVP then they end up showing up anyway. Are you serious! Not only is it poor taste to not RSVP now you are making an appearance anyway? You are an uninvited guest my friend. You didn't respond to my invite. So guess what you are not included. Dulles said, "Send your reply as early as possible- the reply by date is not a challenge for you to eke out at the eleventh hour. If you do miss the reply date, RSVP anyway and follow up with a phone call or email with a brief apology expressing your oversight and express gratitude for their kind invitation". See... easy and simple!!! 

These are just a few from that list. Please click on the link above to continue reading the article. It was pretty interesting. I was really intrigued about the tip on how to greet your boss. One of the experts said, "There is real power in a formal greeting, especially when interacting with other cultures or countries, etc". Don't greet your boss with Hey. Be respectful. 

I hope that you all enjoyed these tips and read the article. There is more information that may help you elevate your standards of living. 


(photos via Pinterest, tips via Charlotte H. Anderson)

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