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Friday, June 28, 2019

Thoughts~ Antica Farmacista Samples

Good Morning Everyone! It's the end of another week and the end of June. Gosh! The end of June already. I recently checked to see how many blog posts I have published and I have written and published over 800 blog posts! Wow.... I have no idea how I am still doing this. I really don't....

I recently shared in my Youtube video that I ordered the Antica Farmacista Sample Kit. I received my kit recently and went on a spraying frenzy in my home! 

It arrived in this very decorative box. 

They provided two pouches full of samples. 

Okay, I sprayed each set and came up with some favorites and some not-so-favorites. My favorites were CasablancaLemon VerbenaLush PalmLavender LimeDamascena RoseProsecco, and, Grapefruit

My not-so-favorites were Fig LeafVanilla BourbonHana LeiManhattan, and Santorini

Of course, I loved the Casablanca scent. It smelled just like lilies to me. Fresh and beautiful. The Lemon Verbena & Cedar smelled just like fresh lemons with a light scent of cedar. Lush Palm is such a beautiful scent. It smells of green florals and gardenia. Lavender and lime is a beautiful combination of both. I could smell just enough lime and it did not cancel out the lavender. Damascena rose smells just like roses. I can't say anything else about it. It smells wonderful!

Now Prosecco I was a little unsure about but once I sprayed it there was a beautiful citrus scent in the air and a small dose of floral. The grapefruit smelled just like a fresh peeled piece of fruit. I think I sprayed that one the most! Especially, where the dogs sleep! 

The other scents were not terrible just not my cup of tea. You can jump on the website and read their descriptions. Who knows, what I dislike you may love. We all have our own preferences. I would say this, the price for these samples is well worth it. I would definitely suggest that you order one.

I hope this was informative as well as inspiring! Enjoy your weekend everyone and thanks for reading!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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