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Friday, June 21, 2019

Royal Albert Breakfast Set

My table at home

It's Friday!!!!  I always feel bad when Friday comes around. We should be enjoying all the days of the week right? I am trying to work on that. I should not be celebrating just when Friday comes around. Really all of life.... we should be enjoying. That is a goal of mine. All days have value. 

I was texting my friend earlier this week and we both have a love for Royal Albert Old Country Roses china. Now I only have one teacup and saucer. One.... I have been wanting more pieces but my goodness it is expensive!

She sent me a snapshot of her breakfast set!!! Oh my gosh, do I love it! So, of course, I jumped on eBay immediately and naturally I found her set for $349! Hmmm, excuse me? I believe she paid under $50 for hers! NO FAIR!!!! But I did manage to find one teacup and saucer set for under $30 so I made an offer and it arrived this week and I couldn't love it more. 

The small one is the regular size and I purchased it about 5 years ago. I bought it online from eBay and I think I paid around $20 for it. The bigger one is the breakfast cup. Gorgeous isn't it?  

Such a lovely print!

It was fun comparing both of the prints and sizes. I know that I would like at least one more of the breakfast cups and I know that I want some of the dinner plates too. I wanted to bid on some this week but the seller was on vacation. I will try again next time. 

Well, I hope that you all enjoy this post. Enjoy your days always. I know that the older I get the more I want to run my own race and enjoy my own journey. If any of you have any Royal Albert Old Country Roses china at home let me know in the comments section. I am always on the lookout for new pieces to purchase. Have a great weekend!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. You should try Replacements Ltd. - a cup & saucer set is 19.99. They don't always have bargains, but they are always worth checking.

    I love the "Old Country Roses" pattern - it looks like a pattern my grandmother would have owned (a good thing), although it is fairly new - introduced in 1962. I found a few pieces at a garage sale once - two little mini-pitchers and mini-bowls I don't think are made any more. I would love to have a dessert set in the pattern - just salad plates, cups and saucers, coffeepot, teapot, sugar, and creamer. But alas - even if I could afford more china, I would have no place to put it. My cupboard space is limited and already FULL! (At one time I worked part-time as a Bridal Registry consultant at a local department store and buying china sets and pieces was an occupational hazard. But a fun one!)

    1. Hello Arabella!
      Replacements Ltd. was the first place that I searched online but they did not have the large breakfast cup and saucer. I was so sad. They do have a wonderful selection to choose from.
      You found some pieces at a garage sale? Lucky you! You also worked at a bridal registry? What a fun job! Sometimes I wish I would have worked at places like that but I don't think I would have appreciated the china back then. Thank you for sharing your china story! I love hearing these!