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Monday, June 24, 2019

June Favorites

It's the first full week of summer and honestly, it has not felt like it yet. It's been rather chilly here in Indy. I am NOT complaining! There are a lot of us here that are enjoying it.

It's time for my June favorites.... already. I have a few new favorites this month. Most of them you guys know about already so let's jump right in...

First on my list is this YouTube fitness channel that I found called Popsugar Fitness. Oh my gosh, it is so wonderful! I use to be able to look at my on demand and find free fitness videos but like all things they are no longer free. So it forced me to take a look at YouTube. I have an app screen on my t.v. so I can use the big screen to watch these great fitness videos and work out to them. I have been working out to this latest video below....

And this one as well.

They are awesome!

Second, on my list has been my spring dresses and skirts. I have purchased quite a few for this season and it has been great being able to just grab one from the closet, add a cardigan, some great kitten heels, pearls and head out the door!

Third on my list has been (of course), my new dining room table. I have had it for about three weeks now and could not love it more. I am so pleased with our table and chairs. It's so elegant to me.

Fourth on my list has been my recent crock-pot dinner. On Father's Day we kept things simple and just ate dinner at home. My husband wanted to put some filet mignon on the smoker but it would not stop raining. So I just suggested that he let me put them in the crock-pot. They turned out so wonderful! I am not a steak person but it was delicious! I added some bourbon brown sugar marinade, some salt, butter, and they cooked for 10 hours. The steak feel apart in your mouth! My family loved it!

Fifth on my list has been (of course) this year's peony season. It was such a great season this year. I had over 5 bouquets that were flawless. Thank you Lord for creating such beautiful flowers!

My office 

Sixth on my list has been this season's blueberries! Oh my gosh! I can't stop eating them which honestly is a good thing. They have been so good! I am glad that I am learning how to eat things in their proper time.

Seventh on my list has been my new canvas pictures from Tuesday Morning and Homegoods. There is nothing like a new photo to make a room feel brand new. Switch out some of your pictures and change the look of your rooms in your home.

And last on my list is my new pink polish color for spring and perhaps summer. It is called Fuzzy Wuzzy. Hysterical right? But it is the perfect pink for me. I do love it and will probably wear it the entire summer.

That is it for my favorites for June. I could add more but this is enough. I hope you all find some inspiration in some of my favorites and make sure that you look up the perfect season for buying your produce. I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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