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Monday, June 17, 2019

Flowers are Life

Summer begins officially this week and I am already dreading the summers here. It is so hot and humid in Indy. For the first time this year, I felt like we actually had a spring! We have had 60-degree weather for most of the spring. Some nights have even gotten down to 40 degrees! I love it! I love those crisp mornings. Especially heading into the office during the weekday. I love those morning walks. 

Some mornings I get a chance to look at Instagram for a bit and I always smile when I see a post from Cathy Graham's account. If you are not following her than I would suggest that you should. Cathy is an awarding winning artist and fashion illustrator. Her first book Second Bloom: Cathy Graham's Art of Table was published in 2017. In her book, she covers elements that will make any event shine.  Her beautiful photos will put a smile on your face every time. 

I love all of the colors that she uses and her whimsical style. I have been taking a second look at single stem arrangements. 

Beautiful and yet so simple. 

Her gorgeous vanity. 

A recent arrangement on her Instagram account. 

Someone recently asked me, "Why do you love flowers so much"? Was it because of a grandmother or parent"? I simply told her, "I don't know". I just do". But honestly, how can you not love flowers. It's natural beauty. They are just splendid creations. I have always loved flowers and I always will. I hope that you have found inspiration in this post and follow Cathy's account. I have also attached a video of her doing what she does best. Creating beauty. Have a wonderful Monday!!!!

(photos via Pinterest & Instagram)
(video via Youtube)

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