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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

May Favorites

It's the end of May already and time to share things that have captured my heart for this month. It's been a really busy month because of my mother's recent knee surgery and my step son's upcoming high school graduation and pending college departure. Lots of changes to come. 

There have been a few things that I have been able to enjoy this month. It's been a great month for our yard! Everything is blooming and our grass is so GREEN! It's lovely. 

First has been this wonderful faux floral spring wreath that I found at At Home. It's a home decor store here in my city. The flowers are fake but the sticks are real which helps pull the look together. It looks great hung up on our porch. 

Next, are my crystal jug dispensers that I found at TJ Maxx. They looked so great on the table and worked wonderfully! I loved having my fruit infused water! It was a big hit at my step son's Open House! 

Third, was filming my faux floral arrangements video. I loved having all my arrangments in one place. It was glorious if only for a moment. If you have not seen my video you may view it below. 

Fourth, are my Chanel inspired brooches. Boy, these are head turners. Every time I wear one of these someone is always staring at it. I don't know what they are thinking but they sure do stare. I think they are so elegant and elevate an outfit quickly. You should check out Etsy to find one. 

Fifth, is the new decor items in my office. I adore my new Ralph Lauren floral pillows.  I wish I could share a link for these but I found them at Homegoods. 

Sixth and I think I may have mentioned this before has been my at home salmon, lime and dill meals. Oh my goodness, after a long day at the office, I love coming home lighting my candles, putting some french bread in the oven, munching on that and then putting my salmon and veggies in the oven to cook. It is a wonderful way to end my work day and start my wonderful evening at home. 

Seventh on the list are my new purse accessories. I love these and have been putting them on pretty much all of my handbags. They look great on all of them. I hope some of you were able to purchase these. They are a great and elegant find. 

And last but not least is a quick update on my recent Ann Taylor orders. So I received my pink skirt and it was way too short so I went to Ann Taylor this weekend to exchange it for something else. I found this great embroidered polka dot scarf. It was only $12 in the store and these striped leather slingbacks were also on sale for only $35! 

I also picked up this drapery cami and this great boyfriend cardigan. Both are very chic and will be great additions to my wardrobe. I am much happier with these purchases than with the pink skirt. It was lovely but a little too short for me. 

May was a great month. I hate seeing these months slip away like this but I am trying to embrace my moments more and take it all in. Enjoy life!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    All lovely look so pretty surrounded by your flowers in the video. Your quotes and outlook on difficulties are helpful, it seems just when i need them. It's good to know one is not alone in these issues. Not saying anything is the smartest way to go that I have found, too. No one can quote you. But, as you said, it does seem to make the person act worse! It is a bit amusing and rather childlike. Grace and elegance will save us.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. Hello Kathleen,
      Thank you for the compliment and yes you are not alone in dealing with difficult people. It's good to know that I am not the only one who notices when you ignore their behavior they tend to get worse! I think they want our attention so much that they go to extremes to try to gain it. It's crazy. Now that nasty co-worker has moved on to someone else and has damaged another friendship. I just watch from afar. It's sad but life goes on. Grace and elegance does take you far. Thanks for reading as always Kathleen!

  2. Your office picture reminded me of something I've been meaning to tell you. You inspired me to purchase a decorative pillow for a chair in my office. It's arriving today! We really do spend so many hours in our office - why not make it beautiful just like our home?

    I hope you continue to enjoy the season. In my opinion, this is the best time of year! Warm weather, blooming flowers, and plenty of daylight. I'm making a point to take it all in.

    Kelsie - gar0190

    1. Hello Kelsie,
      Oh my gosh! You purchased a pillow for your office? How fabulous! We do spend a lot of time in our offices. That is why I decorate mine. It's must be beautiful.

      I will try to enjoy the summer. It's always so hot here in Indy but seeing all of the natural disasters that are going on I think I will count my blessings! Thanks for reading!