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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Living Well by Misty Copeland

In 2016, I wrote a blog post called "My Dream Dinner Guest List" and in my list, I included the fearless Misty Copeland.

I think most of you have heard of her. She became the first black Principal Ballerina in 2015 and has been making great strides ever since! I have seen her on multiple advertisements and she recently made her first movie appearance in the "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms."

Misty has worked really hard to get where she is and has had many struggles. I recently read an article about her diet and I LOVE to read about the diets of celebrities. I am always curious about what they eat and try to get ideas for myself.

I wanted to share the article from The Chalkboard about her diet and thought that maybe some of you could be inspired by a ballerina's diet too!

SNACK HEALTHY + OFTEN | Ever wondered what a ballerina eats between studio sessions and how she eats on her days off? Misty shared that she likes to “carry [my] own small bites so [I] don’t wind up grabbing whatever’s available — and often not so healthy — when hunger pangs hit.” Misty loves nuts and fruits, as they’re easy to tuck into a bag and are tasty enough to satisfy cravings for salty or sweet.
HYDRATION IS EVERYTHING | Staying hydrated is key for athletic performance, but also for managing cravings between meals. According to Misty, “you can’t go wrong with water. It’s a sugar-free elixir that your body can’t live without, and it also helps quell your hunger. Often when we think we want to eat, we’re really craving water instead.”
COME PREPARED | When on the go, staying on track with nutrition goals means coming prepared. Misty shared this: “Airports are starting to feature healthier options than the traditional burgers and pizza, but to be safe — and save a few dollars while I’m at it — I like to take along packaged food that I can rely on to give my body what it needs, especially if I’m heading overseas. I usually carry packets of plain oatmeal, packaged tuna, whole wheat crackers and nuts.”

DINE OUT WISELY | When dining out, Misty admitted that it “can be tough to stay committed to healthy eating, especially when you’re surrounded by other diners ordering delicious-looking sweets and fried foods. But you can summon the willpower to stick to your eating plan and still feel satisfied. Even if I’m eating at one of my guilty pleasures, Red Lobster, I go with options that don’t have a ton of empty calories added to them. For instance, I’ll order the crab legs and a garden salad. Go for clean! That could be a piece of fish that isn’t breaded or fried, a salad or vegetable, and quinoa, lentils or couscous instead of rice.”
DO DINNER RIGHT | Treat yourself with delicious, whole food nutrition — and maybe a little something extra — at the end of each day. “My ideal dinner is a piece of grilled salmon. I’d have it with roasted onions, carrots and butternut squash seasoned with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. Since I would have been conscientious all day, hydrating constantly with water, I’d have a glass of Prosecco and maybe a peanut butter cookie for dessert!”

Okay, I am already feeling inspired! I checked my desk snack drawer and I have nuts, green bean chips, granola, and some dark chocolate! Hey, I have to have something sweet! I hope that you all enjoyed this post and are inspired by these tips. Snaking well is a path to elegance. Don't you agree?
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  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    This post resonated for many reasons! 1) I love the idea of elegant (and of course, healthy) snacking. And if you have ideas for elegant snack containers (because I don't think a ziploc bag cuts it) I am all ears.

    2) I love the world of ballet. I was fortunate enough to take lessons as a child, and while never very good, I have retained a life-long appreciation for what I learned, and for the discipline, art, athleticism, grace, and beauty that is a ballerina. There is no more elegant creature alive than a ballerina, who is as much an athlete as any Olympian, yet who moves as if she floats on air. The posture and graceful movements of the arms and hands learned in class are key.

    3) I admire Misty Copeland and all she brings to the world of dance, and her courage and tenacity in overcoming so much - - in her early life and her professional life. So nice to see her highlighted in this post.

    So thank you on many levels.



    1. Hello Arabella,
      I am with you on the elegant snack containers. I am still using ziploc bags in my office drawer. I may have to check Homegoods to see if they have any options.

      I am learning more about the world of ballet. I tried to convince my daughter to take it but she had no interest. I can see a lot of value in that sport because honestly it takes a lot of athleticism to do that!

      I admire Misty too! She does bring great value to the world of dance and I love seeing her in anything. Thank you for your wonderful comments and for being a reader.