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Monday, May 6, 2019

Flowers and Pearls

Good Monday Morning! I just wanted to share a quick little post of some recent finds. I also wanted to say thank you to those of you who are watching my YouTube videos. It is very hard to try to make good quality videos. 

With yesterday's video I got very frustrated with my husband. He just won't sit still and keeps opening doors and windows and I keep trying to remind myself that he thinks he is helping just let it be. I also feel like I am slouching in the videos and I am trying my hardest not to appear that way. 

Then I feel like I should rehearse more but I think with that it would put more pressure on me and I just want to have fun with these so that is the goal! I hope you guys are enjoying them! Okay moving forward....

I saw these beautiful beaded floral earrings on the New York and Company website. The price is great and so is the color! Now keep in mind they are a bit big but if you love large earrings then these are right up your alley!

The next item is this gold-tone faux pearl necklace. It is only $6.99 right now and I shared this on my YouTube video from yesterday. It looks very pretty on and would be a great addition to any wardrobe. 

I hope that you enjoyed these small finds and maybe one of these would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift! I think the pearls would make anyone happy!


(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    I love your YouTube videos! You are doing so well. It's nice to hear your voice, too. Lovely, gracious and modulated. My mother was always saying 'modulate, modulate'.

    I read a book I think you will enjoy. It's called COZY. I borrowed it from the library and bought it because I loved it so much, I knew Id reread it. Enjoy.

    Oh, and I just ordered the sample kit from EL with all the products you recommended. I have used Night Repair for years, but I'm looking forward to trying the one's you like.
    Thank you for always keeping us up to date on new things.

    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. Hello Kathleen,
      I was wondering if you had a chance to take a peek. Thank you for the encouragement. I keep thinking with each video, "what in the world am I doing"? I should not be doing this! But I will take your advice, modulate.

      I will add that book to my Amazon list. You ordered a sample kit of Estee Lauder? How fabulous! Please let me know how you like the products. Thanks again Kathleen for all of your support!

  2. Such gorgeous jewellery. I love them.

    You are doing so brilliantly well with your YT videos. you are a total natural, and personally, I don't think you need to do anything to improve. Sometimes I will reshoot something if I don't like how it comes across, but I try not to do that too often because it loses the spontaneity.
    I need to get over to YT and watch your latest video.

    1. Hi Sadie!
      Thank you for the kind words. Youtube is tough but I can see how people would enjoy it. I love you videos too! One thing that I do like about so many people that I follow is that we are all being ourselves. No one is trying to make a huge production out of their videos and I like that. I want to see people in their natural state and I think that is what I am trying to do. Be natural.

      And you are right about shooting a video twice. It does lose it's momentum. Thanks again for reading and thanks again for your support!