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Friday, May 17, 2019

Chic Assignments ~ May

Gosh, it's the middle of May already and Jennifer L. Scott just posted her Chic Assignment Check-in for May. So what I have been doing is following along with the assignments. I do enjoy these very much and always want to update my readers on my status. 

So the first assignment was to listen to Erik Satie Gymnopedies. I listened to it and all I can say is magnifique! That YouTube video that Jennifer provided was wonderful! I saved it to my favorites and play it in my office all the time. What a great source to have for classical music. 

The second assignment was to regard the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I viewed his artwork and my favorite piece of his was The Rose Garden at Wargemont, 1879. 

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Rose Garden at Wargemont painted in 1879, is a studied game of depth and form imparting a sense of movement and energy. The artist explores the natural idiosyncrasies of plant growth and boils them down to a series of experiential dabs of color.

This is a beautiful painting and Wayfair has a reproduction on their website to purchase! I may have to think about that! 

The reproduction in someone's dining room

The third chic assignment was to wear a piece of jewelry that you don't normally wear. I usually don't have a problem with this. I rotate my jewelry pretty often so each piece gets worn throughout the year. I love wearing jewelry. I feel like my jewelry pieces help me to feel more feminine. 

My jewelry at home

And the last chic assignment was to get yourself manicure and pedicure ready. I am actually scheduled for my nail appointment this Sunday and I normally give myself a pedicure every other Sunday. I have the foot rasp that is on Jennifer's blog. I purchased mine 2 years ago and have not looked back! My heels have improved by 100%! I don't have crusty heels any longer. 

I look forward to Jennifer's June assignments and will do my very best to stay on top of it! If you missed my March and April assignment check-in's you may view them here and here.

Have a great weekend and make sure that you subscribed to my Youtube channel! I will try to post new videos every Sunday. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Pinterest; text via Wikipedia)

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