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Monday, April 29, 2019

Mark & Graham

The one thing that I LOVE about blogging and other bloggers is how everyone shares information! I was reading Shannon Ables blog and she mentioned this very chic company called Mark & Graham. She shared a beautiful photo of their boarding bags and oh my was I smitten!

How chic is this? Fantastic right? This is the Concourse Boarding Bag in white. This is absolutely exquisite. You can also add a monogram to it and who wouldn't. I think "SMS" would look fantastic on this bag. 

These bags are incredible! Another bag that I saw on the website is their Caroline Leather bag. 

Isn't this bag attractive? It looks like it is tastefully done and would be able to remain in your closet for eternity. 

After looking at all of their bags I then ventured off and looked at jewelry and home accessories. 

This is an elegant marble and wood board and would look lovely on my table for a New Year's Eve celebration. 

I could go on and on but you can take your own adventure on the website and find more wonderful things to fall in love with. I am seriously considering buying that concourse boarding bag in white. I think that would be so elegant in the fall with a chunky sweater, pearls, and some Chanel perfume. I hope that you enjoyed this post and this elegant new company!

(photos via Mark&Graham)

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