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Monday, March 4, 2019

Spring Blouses

It's March! The month that brings hope. Hope that spring is on the way. I was looking in my closet recently and saw that I have a LOT of cardigans! And I don't mean the small ones. I have huge, thick cardigans!

In all fairness, I do live in Indiana and it's cold but our summers are pretty warm! I have been trying to find beautiful blouses to wear for the spring and summer. I work in an office and I always try to look put together. Finding blouses for me has been a chore for a while now. I have hips and it is not easy finding something that can get around those.

So it's fair to say that I dress my hips before I dress anything else. You guys know that I love Ann Taylor and just checked out their new arrivals for spring. My wish list is pretty full already.

First on my list is this beautiful number. It is called the meadow floral wrap top. I am hoping to go and take a peek in person very soon but it is on my wishlist for sure. 

Next is the classic boatneck blouse in this beautiful cerulean. I also love the button cuffs, elegant. 

Next but number one on my list is this lovely textured wrap top. I actually got to see this in person and it is exquisite! I can't wait until they drop the price a little more. 

I know this should be about blouses but I could not help it. I had to add this charming flare dress to my wishlist. Lovely isn't it? 

I am just now seeing this beautiful top! They only have it in extra small online so I am hoping to find it in the store somewhere. 

This is another great option for when the office is a little chilly. I actually got to see this belted tunic in person. The pink is very pretty. 

And last is this smart belted A-line dress. It is so sophisticated and would look wonderful with a pair of pearls. 

All of these are beautiful pieces that I am hoping to get my hands on. For me, I try to wait until they lower the price on the item and then add 40% off. That's when I consider it a sale. Call me cheap but it works. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

(photos via Ann Taylor. com)


  1. Great picks! I completely understand. I'm so tired of looking in my wardrobe and seeing thick garments in dark colors. I subscribe to Stitch Fix, an online styling service and specifically told my stylist not to send me anything this month in black, brown, gray, or navy. I'm definitely craving those spring colors like blush pink or robin's egg blue. Something light and airy, although we're still getting snow here in Pennsylvania. I hope you're able to get some pretty new pieces soon!

    (gar0190 on Instagram, where I found you!) :)

    1. Hello Kelsie,
      Thank you for reading my blog! I have heard of Stitch Fix and have contemplated using their services. But I am a shopper at heart and love discovery new clothes. I hope that you are able to refresh your wardrobe as well. Thanks for stopping by!