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Monday, March 18, 2019

My Floral Tote

Sorry for the no-post on Friday. We had a "wind warning" here in Indy on Friday and it was bad. So we all had issues with internet service. It was not a huge shock as we always have Jekyll and Hyde weather here. Last week I wrote a post about Floral Totes by Ted Baker and in particular, I was dreaming about the first one.

The Cecie Chatsworth which is now sold out was my favorite. I wonder if any of my readers were able to get their hands on it? I am curious? I don't get a commission for any of my finds yet but I am hoping to get some sponsors in the near future. 

I was so happy to receive this last week. It is stunning! It is such a beautiful bag, you guys! Very spacious, it has plenty of room for everything. 

Love the lettering in gold, so chic. 

The pouch inside was just as beautiful as the tote itself. What a splendid buy!

I adore how the floral design continues around the entire bag. It's wonderful!

I hope that at least one of you was able to order this beauty. The price was outstanding! I could not pass it up and I carried it for about 3 days last week and received plenty of stares. It is a show stopper for sure. I hope that you enjoyed this post and were able to pick up one yourself. Happy Monday!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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