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Friday, March 8, 2019

Lhuillier Rose Collection

In keeping with this week's floral theme, I wanted to share some favorite small picks from the Monique Lhuillier Rose Collection at Pottery Barn.

I want to start with this beautiful table setting. The rose napkins are such a beautiful blend of pinks and creams. It also has a lovely jacquard weave. So lovely.

I also adore the beautiful stoneware and the Gabrielle etched glasses. I was able to see those in person.

Dreamy isn't it? I was able to see this feminine bedding set at the store. This is called the Penelope Ikat Duvet Set.  I could see this on our own bed and take a look at the dainty clare swivel vase on the nightstand.

It was exceptional in person. Well, I hope that you all enjoyed my floral finds for this week. I am still on my pink blush hunt and will continue to buy as many items in that color as possible. I just know that eventually everything comes to an end and they will stop selling items in pink soon. I hope that I am wrong and that this season of femininity continues to grow. Enjoy your weekend!

(photos via Pottery


  1. I am also on a blush pink hunt so I can put aside my dark clothing for awhile. I know dark clothing can be chic, but I'm over it. Blush pink and femininity never goes out of style. That bedside flower arrangement is lovely.

    Kelsie - gar0190

    1. Hi Kelsie,
      Thank you for stopping by! I agree with you 100%! Blush pink and femininity never go out of style!

  2. be still my beating heart! The pink loveliness of it all. Oh my goodness, I want it all!

    1. Hi Sadie,
      So do I! Seeing all of these items in person made it even more difficult. I will be keeping a close eye on these items for sale prices!