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Friday, February 8, 2019

The Winged Tote

I am so thrilled to share with everyone today this great tote that I found at Target. It is called the winged tote handbag and I actually found it walking around my local store. I saw it in the navy and I thought, "I wonder if they have this in a different color." So I checked online and they had three other colors.

The color that I ordered is called blush of course and it is so pretty in person! I was a little apprehensive about the snake print handles but they look great! 

The size is great and there is PLENTY of room!

Gold "feet" on the bottom, wonderful feature. 

It looks like it's double the size of my other blush tote. Both look so chic together by the way. 

This is a wonderful tote if you are looking for something that is large, classic and elegant. This could be a wonderful work bag for anyone and make sure that you check out those other colors too! Enjoy!

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  1. Love the bag. I am a big fan of tote bags.I will have to check out my local Target store in Australia.June

    1. Hello June!
      I am a huge fan myself of large totes. I hope that you find it at your local store. It is quite lovely. Enjoy!