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Friday, February 15, 2019

Monique Lhuiller Rose Cosmetic Bag

It's Friday and I am ready for a long weekend. I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I shared on my Instagram account my double rose bouquet that I received from my husband. I was so surprised to receive it! You could smell them down the hall. It was amazing!

I also got another surprise too. My Monique Lhuillier floral cosmetic bag arrived yesterday!

I actually ordered it the first week of February but was told that there was a long back order list and that they were not sure if it would be sent. I called earlier this week and was finally told that my bag would be in the first shipment and that I should receive my order. 

It finally arrived yesterday and I could not be more excited! It is lovely!

It is a very large cosmetic bag and had these tags on the inside. You can just rip them out once you receive it. 

Love the Monique Lhuillier tag on the inside. It is very chic!

A small pocket is located on the inside too. 

Also love the gold hardware. It looks so classic! 

I put my items in asap! I can't wait to use it this spring and summer. It looks so feminine and chic. Also, here is a photo of my gorgeous Valentine's Day roses. I just love this picture. I hope that you all enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading! 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Dear Mrs. Shockley,

    Your husband is lovely, giving you pink and white roses! They are both my favorites. I love when roses smell good. I think some of them are grown differently, to last and have little or no smell. These look gorgeous.


    Warmly, Kathleen (I received a dozen and a half pink roses which are now in vases around the house). Good husbands.

    1. Hi Kathleen!
      I couldn't agree with you more. I love roses! I just love flowers and I do think that sometimes they are grown differently. And it's funny that you said, "good husbands". I just said this to a friend this past week. We do have good husbands! Enjoy your flowers!

  2. Your husband is a sweetie! Mine knows not to send me red roses, he sends pale pinks instead. :O) I don't hate red roses, I just prefer pink.
    that bag is absolutely gorgeous! I need something similar, I just hope I can find one over here. x

    1. Hi Sadie,
      I am with you. I love pale pink roses! I hope that you can find something similar. It is quite lovely! Thanks for reading!