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Friday, February 22, 2019

Charmed by Charlie ~ 3

Hello All! I really need to stop looking for blush items but it seems like every time I tell myself that I end up finding more and more stuff. I am trying to keep my bogus shopping down to a minimal and I believe that I am doing well.

So with that being said, I will share some recent finds that I am trying my very best not to purchase. Let's start with this lovely tote at Charming Charlie.

It is called the Ashland Carry-All

Lovely isn't it? And it comes in 4 different colors and is at a great price of $46! 

The second item is this beautiful ambrosia flower bracelet. Oh, I am so trying....

Then I saw these. They are called the Simone earrings. Beautiful rose color and only $14!

Then I scrolled to the next page and found that they had matching earrings to that bracelet. Oh, the flesh is weak!

And last but certainly not least are these blossom earrings. 

I think I may have to purchase these! They are so beautiful and at $12 a pair, I don't think I will break the bank that much. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I am excited to receive my new valances today. I hope that they look well. I am a little paranoid but we will see once the package arrives. Enjoy your weekend!

(photos via Charming Charlie)

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