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Friday, January 4, 2019

Top Posts of 2018

My goodness..... the end of another year. Well honestly I don't want to spend too much time talking about how fast the year went. I think we all felt it. Let's jump right into the most popular posts for A Home for Elegance for the year of 2018 and I also want to share my personal favorites as well.

Lunch at the Ayres Tea Room

This is from my The Butler Speaks series....

A lot of people were curious about my laundry routine. 

Interesting tips if you need them. 

I was so excited about my new shelving system for my closet. It was a blessing. 

I was so happy to get some of these plates from this collection. They are beautiful in person. 

This was my first year selling on Poshmark and I really enjoyed it!

One of my favorite purchases this year. 

So pretty....

When I found my Chanel look alikes....

One of my favorite posts...

And I am still loving it!

Loved this recipe this year!

First reader question about life and order. 

And the last post of the year....

Well there you have it. The most read posts here on the blog for 2018. I hope that you all continue to enjoy the content that I publish. I know I love writing and having this blog. It has been such a wonderful outlet for me. Enjoy your new year! 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Pinterest)


  1. Love that couch and those "chanel" shoes!! I would buy them in a heart beat!

    1. Thank you! They both were great finds and purchases this year!