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Monday, December 3, 2018

My Perfect Kitchen Makeover

We have been in our home for about 5 years now and I still love it. Unfortunately, I don't think that we are going to stay in this house. I hate living in an HOA with all of the rules and how it is managed. It's a mess.

My wish is to live in an older more established neighborhood. One with mature trees and older homes. The one thing that I hate about living in a subdivision is that you are stuck with the models and options that they offer and sometimes it can be pretty limited. In the end everyone ends up with the same home because when one neighbor sees you doing one thing then they end up doing it too. It's no fun!

Could we stay in this home..... yes I believe that we could but if that is the case then I've got some ideas on how to change things around.

I would love to start with changing our kitchen. I do love the setup but I want newer cabinets and I want to bring in some bright airy colors.

Now there is our kitchen. I love it and I loved the cabinets and counter-tops when we picked out everything 5 years ago but I know that down the road I am going to want to change this and I have been "pinning" ideas to my Pinterest board for sometime now. 

Of course this is my ideal kitchen. This is one of my favorites. I love the detailing in the cabinet doors. I showed my husband this photo and I said this is what I want and he was okay with it. I love white cabinets but I don't want anything "stark" white and I need them to have details on them. I hate seeing all white cabinets with no details. They look too plain to me. 

Also look at the island. It is the perfect blue and look at all of the carvings on it. It looks like a work of art. The gold hardware is exquisite. It is the perfect combination of french charm. 

I also love the stove in this kitchen. This would inspire anyone to cook at home. The island in this kitchen is also ideal. The wood beams in the ceiling are captivating too. 

I also would not mind having some of my cabinets with glass doors. I think that this is a lovely way to display some of your china and to see it. You don't use what you don't see. 

We also have a half bathroom downstairs connected to the kitchen. I still want wallpaper. I would love to install something like this in my small bathroom downstairs. I even love the gold hardware around the sink. 

I am glad to record my thoughts and ideas here on the blog. It's funny, I'll have an idea about something then I realize that I can't remember all of the details so I come to my blog and pull up the entry and voila it is there. The Bible says to "write down the vision and make it plain". Here is my vision for my kitchen. I hope that it can come into fruition. 

Thanks for reading!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley and Pinterest)


  1. Beautiful kitchen photos - every one of them! I especially like white or cream cabinets with trim and some glass doors also. I loved the bathroom sink too, and can picture it in my bathroom. I hope you keep us updated with your plans, i.e. new house or changes to current one.

    1. Hi Gloria!
      Thank you for stopping by! I love the cream cabinets too! They are my favorite. You can picture the bathroom sink too? That is great. You caught the vision too! I will definitely keep everyone updated on any future plans to renovate.