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Monday, December 10, 2018

A Lovely Mind

I was recently listening to a conversation between a co-worker and my supervisor. They were discussing all of the current events in the news and what's going on with this and what's going on with that. At that moment I realized something horrible..... I had no idea what they were talking about.

What's even worse is that they were discussing some things that were going on with our government. I work for the federal government. Not good. They weren't discussing things that were going on with our office per se but they were discussing current events that could potentially effect us.

It was then that I also realized that I had to do a much butter job in keeping up with the world around me. I hate watching and listening to the news. I don't even like watching our local news here. I hate the news.... I really do....but in order to have an educational and in-depth conversation with those around me I do need to be aware of issues going on.

In 2015 I posted this about the news and "mental chicness". I have to admit that I have still not done my very best at keeping up with current events. It is very hard not to take what's going on in the world "as your own". A lot of us are guilty of accepting the news into our emotions. I am guilty of it too.

But in order to be an alert, well-rounded woman, knowing what's going on and being able to discuss world events is very important. For the last two weeks I have been listening to NPR Now on my satellite radio station in my car in the morning or evenings. I try not to listen to it too much. 

I do enjoy listening to this station. They discuss a variety of things including cooking, the arts, economics, etc.

I will say this, after this last week of listening to NPR I do feel a little more confident about the information that I received and when I heard my co-worker and supervisor discussing more headlines I knew exactly what they were talking about. I was able to engage. 

Being an elegant woman is very important to me. Dressing well, thinking well, and being emotionally and spiritually well are some of my top priorities in life. I believe that God wants us to be informed but not afraid and that is my goal. 

On a side note, the other stations that I have on my favorites are Real Jazz, Siriusly Sinatra, Holly (Christmas music), the Symphony Hall, and Joel Osteen. I try to make sure that I have wonderful stations to listen to. 

What are you thoughts about the news? Do you enjoy watching or listening to it? Please share....

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  1. Hello Mrs. Shockley,
    I also listen to NPR. I drive for a large portion of my workday (RN Case manager) and I also listen to NPR. I find the voices of the reporters/news achors to be quite soothing. And they don't just talk about all the negative going on. There is some positive reporting and a good bit is educational. I too often feel like I am out of the loop, especially with the latest shows. But oh well, I cannot waste my time on keeping up with the newest shows or latest local news, at this time in my life!

    1. Hi Mya,
      I couldn't agree with you more about the latest shows. I don't watch any reality t.v. I can't deal with all the drama. It's nice to hear that you enjoy listening to NPR. I agree that they do cover all kinds of news and report all different kinds of opinions.

  2. Hello Mrs Shockley,
    I used spend a lot of time reading about international affairs but am not so diligent about this as I once was. I still know the basics of what is going on but no longer know the details, however, I can hold my own in a conversation. I am happier now that I am not so obsessed with things I cannot do anything about.

    1. Hi Gloria,
      Thank you for this comment. I have some co-workers who give me such a hard time for not watching the news constantly. I just can't "feed" my mind with all that crap all the time. It's just not good for my soul.