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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Organizing My Monthly Expenses

I have been discussing routines and trying to stay organized here on the blog for sometime now. I just realized that there is one thing that I have not shared and that is how I organize my monthly expenses.



Light Bill

Car Insurance 

Water Bill

Home Depot Card 





This is an example of what I use to organize our monthly expenses. I just use a basic table on Microsoft Word and type in the amounts. I do this every week. I like to know what's going out and what's coming in.

I remember hearing this phrase in church, "know the state of your flock", and I knew immediately what that meant. Shepherds always knew how many sheep they had and what state they were in. So we as individuals need to be aware of our flock. 

I still receive paper bills. I have not moved our bills to email or receiving them electronically yet. It is very easy for me to delete an email and I am so afraid that I would delete a bill. I am also not comfortable with automatic withdrawals from our account. 

I still like to have some control over our accounts and I like to be able to pay our bills from our account. I don't like the idea of a company withdrawing money without me seeing it. So if that is something that you do and are okay with it then good for you. I am not quite there yet. Sorry....

When our mail comes in I open it and then place new bills in my bill organizer on my desk at home and it looks very similar to the one above. 

Wednesday is "bill" day. I then plug in all the bills that are due for the next coming week, add them up and then log in the dates on my calendar on my cell phone. I set up reminders to get notifications of when a bill is due and that is it. 

After the bill is paid I do print off the email and place it in that bill's folder in my drawer. Sorry I know that sounds like a lot of work but I guess it is the paralegal quality in me. At the beginning of each year, I do go in and throw away the previous year of bills.

But I can tell you how much we spend on our bills, I know about all of the expenses in our home. I know the "state of our flock". Everyone has a different way of organizing their monthly expenses. Do what works for you and your home. I just wanted to share how I organize ours. I do hope that you may have found something useful out of my super long process. Being organized is a quality that a lot of people admire and it is another way of being elegant.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Mrs Shockley,

    I cannot believe that you have wrote about this, before internet banking came along, i used to get paid, have a purse with my shopping money in & a purse with my petrol money in for the month. I would then take a percentage of what was me left over & pop it into a savings account . Then remainder was for me to do as i pleased.

    However forward 8 yrs later, yes my circumstances have changed i have a child & have gone part time in my job. My money is not what it used to Be, i use internet banking & my debit card 80% of the time.
    Reality of this Is, i couldn't tell you what my monthly expenditure on petrol, food, miscellaneous items etc, which have resulted in my savings account going from £9000 to £100 as it stands today!!!

    So last month 1st Oct i decided to go back to my old ways & use cash only & I can honestly say it really does make you think twice before handing over cash as opposed to a card .
    I'm going to stick to this method again now & get more day with my hard earned cash. May just try a spread sheet next month too.

    Thank you once again for your great posts & insight on the way you handle your finances.

    Have a great wkend 💕
    Maria (uk) xxxx

  2. Sorry for the spelling mistakes it was supposed to say *get more savvy* with my hard earned cash 🙄

    1. Hi Maria,
      Those old ways of money managing are tried and true! They work. It is so easy to get yourself in trouble with these debit cards. I agree with you. I have been trying to carry more cash lately. I had some friends tell me that I do too much work but I don't find my way of money managing hard at all so that is why I say do what works for you. I hope that you try a spreadsheet. You may find it helpful. Please let me know if you do and thank you again for stopping by and reading my blog!