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Monday, October 1, 2018

Order is Elegant

A few weeks ago my office had it's WLI meeting (Women's Leadership Initiative) and in these meetings we always have a speaker and discuss ways to volunteer around our city. Our co-members of the group always want to start it with an icebreaker. This month's icebreaker was to come up with a hashtag that described your morning.

Most people talked about coffee and their kids. I sat and thought about my mornings and the first words that came to mind were order and elegant. I always try to have order in my morning routines (see my blog post here about that) so the word order had to be included. The word elegant is always on my mind because of the way I desire to live. It doesn't have to be fancy but elegant.

So in today's post I wanted to share a little more about my morning routine.

My closet

What helps me to keep my mornings orderly is picking out my outfit the night before and all of the accessories that I am going to wear. 

I pick out my shoes (which sometimes can take an eternity).

I lay everything out so that I can see it. I switch my bags the night before if I need to. 

I will then look at scarves if I decided to wear one. 

I will pick out a bracelet....

Or a brooch for my outfit....

Of course I will have a pair of earrings that I will grab the next day.

And a bottle of perfume will be selected to wear the next day. 

Having these items picked out and ready to go the next morning makes my mornings go very smoothly. With all of this already selected it gives me time to have my morning workout and a bubble bath every morning. Yes! I take bubble baths every morning! I have been doing it since I was 21. My routine has not changed. 

Well I hope that you enjoyed this post and are inspired to add a little order to your morning. 

Enjoy your week! 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)


  1. Hi Mrs Shockley, i really do love your blog posts. Would you consider doing a post on staying consistent & having discipline. Your posts are a constant source of beauty, happiness & elegance, you appear to be a really positive lady so i just wondered if you could share any tips.

    Loving your blog.

    Maria (UK) xx

  2. Hello Maria,
    Thank you for being a reader! I do enjoy hearing from people. Would I consider writing a post about staying consistent and having discipline? Sure.... I will do my very best to write a post about that. Staying consistent can be hard but it all depends on how you want to live. I can definitely share some ideas on how I stay consistent. I will try to post that next week. Thank you again Maria!!!

  3. Hi Mrs Shockley. I just wanted to say that i also greatly enjoy your blog. June Australia

    1. Hello June!
      Thank you for commenting! Do you mind telling me how you found the blog? I am always interested in how people find me. And again thank you for reading!

    2. Hi Mrs.Shockley. I picked up your blog from another blogger's read list.However i cannot remember which one,as i have been following your blog for at least a year. I will let you know if i remember or find it again. I really enjoy how you remind us that an elegant life can be the culmination of lots of small regular elegant habits that anyone can achieve. Enjoy your week. June Australia