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Friday, October 19, 2018

Fall Picks from Ann Taylor

Autumn is close! So happy! This week has been so cool. We have had 50 degrees mornings for the most part and I am so enjoying the crisp air. Although it has been a war trying to open my windows. Every time I open one my husband tries to shut it! I tell him let the cool crisp air in. It's great for the house.

And since autumn is close that means new arrivals at my favorite store Ann Taylor.  My wish list is never empty with this company. There is always something that I want.

First on my list are these Odelia Flannel Cap pumps. I love the gray and black together. Just such a chic shoe. 

Next on the list is this great tote.....

This is called the Pochette tote bag. Now lucky for me I got to see this in person in black and it is a great size!

Now this cashmere turtleneck dress would be a classic that anyone would want in their wardrobe. Fabulous isn't it? 

Shawl Collar Wrap coat anyone? Yes, please! I was actually very fortunate enough this past spring to nab one of these on sale for only $40!!!! So happy!

A great studded pump for the holidays. It is always nice to have just one pair. 

Now I know that this next item is expensive but I just think it is such a wonderful piece to have and would last forever. I am of course waiting until it goes on sale but the website said that it is selling fast. So if you are fortunate to grab one than lucky you!

Of course I could add more to this list but it would go on and on. I hope that you check out Ann Taylor's new arrivals list. I am sure that you will find something elegant. 

Have a great weekend!

(photos via Ann

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