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Monday, September 17, 2018

Tuesday Morning Finds

It's funny how my friends keep an eye out on great finds for me. This time it was my very good friend Mrs. Tina who spotted some beautiful blue and white items at Tuesday Morning.

She sent me a photo of some blue and white vases so I decided to go and take a peek....

These were the first vases that I saw. My "insides" leaped for joy! I had already purchased two in my mind. 

But then I saw this one...... my goodness!

(The Enchanted home photo)

What's funny is that I was just talking about a gray ginger jar vase that I saw on the The Enchanted Home blog with my friend Mrs. Shery. So to see one for only $40 I just had to purchase it. 

I walked down a bit further and spotted these.....

Lovely aren't they? 

But then I saw these! Oh I do declare! Pink lampshades, oh my, my, my. Now I was in turmoil. 

After about 20 minutes of trying to make a decision, I decided to purchase the lamps with the pink lampshades. And a few other things.....

I could not love the gray ginger jar anymore. It is so chic and looks beautiful with my other blue and white pieces. 

The lamps were a great additional also. I have been moving them around different places in the house trying to finger out where they would look best. I can see them at both ends of my dresser but I don't know yet. I hope that you enjoyed this post and may have found some inspiration!

(photos via Mrs.Shockley & the Enchanted Home)

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