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Friday, September 28, 2018

September Favorites

Wow, September has came and went. It feels like this year is just going by too fast! Today is my 36th birthday and I really don't have any plans. I just want a nice dinner, I already ordered two new dress online from New York and Company (see here and here) I hope that they fit well, had a manicure this past weekend and I finally got to Pottery Barn to get those beautiful Monique Lhuillier plates that I have been wanting.

Also I have a secret, I have never had a birthday cake before. Sad, I know but it is true! So I am hoping to get one this weekend. Well let's continue on with my favorites for the month of September. A great month I might add....

Okay I will start with this I am not a yogurt fan! I hate yogurt. I want to love it but have had a hard time finding one. I use to eat Dannon La creme yogurt but I think that they discontinued it because I cannot find it anymore. A few weeks ago they had samples out for tasting for this yogurt called Oui. It is a french style yogurt. I love the glass container. So chic right? Well turns out that I love it and have been buying it every week.

So creamy. The vanilla is my favorite!

Okay, second on my list is my night herbal hot cup of tea.....

Here I am in bed watching a movie called Marty. I have enjoyed this ritual and I have enjoyed using my tea cups every night also. 

Third on my list has been our new flannel sheet set from Costco.  I tried finding this pattern online but to no avail. 

Fourth on my list has been this photo that I found on Pinterest. I have no idea where it is from or who the original photographer is but I adore this photo. I love the dress, the heels, the elegance behind it. It is such a great inspiration. I have been on the hunt for a blue dress like this for years now. This photo is my screen saver on my phone. It is so pleasing to see when I turn on my phone. 

Fifth on my list is chinoiserie wallpaper. I will always love this wallpaper but my husband will NOT let me have it. I think one day I am just going to order it and have it installed and let him go mad after it is done. I would love to have it installed by Gracie Studio. I am a huge fan of their work. 

Sixth on my list are my Gucci sunglasses and yes I did pay this price for them. I don't regret it because they are so timeless and chic. They are some "head-turners" for sure but I love them, they are so classic! 

And last but certainly not least is this Youtube video from Harper's Bazaar. It is a video about Susan Lucci and everything that she eats in a day. This video so impressed me! First of all Susan is 71 and she looks incredible! 

Secondly, her food choices would put most of us to shame. I am so enamored with this video. I love her china cup with the bird on it. So pretty. She exercises everyday, and heck, I am so happy when I get in 4 days a week! And watch her 80 year old husband make a fabulous dinner for them. It is a wonderful video. 

Well, I do hope that you enjoyed my September favorites. I hope that I will have one for October but we will see. 

Have a great weekend!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Pinterest)


  1. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Shockley!

    I'm sending birthday cake wishes and champagne dreams your way today.

    Warmly, Kathleen