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Monday, September 3, 2018

Refreshing Moments

On Saturday and Sunday mornings I do my very best to make sure that I sit down and enjoy a quiet breakfast. Before I got my new settee I did not use my sitting room (see blog post here). I just did not like the way it looked.

It's amazing how one item changed the whole environment of a room. I now look forward to my weekend mornings in that room. Especially on Sundays. Sundays are the best for me because I usually have all of my weekend chores done and all of my errands finished.

I am completely dressed when I come down for breakfast and I usually make some whole wheat toast with butter, some fruit, a cup of tea, orange juice and water. 

On this particular morning I made scrambled eggs.

I will open my window and listen to the birds chirping and watch the butterflies fly around. 

We had a lot of butterflies this season! I love our butterfly hydrangea bush. We planted it last year and it has done very well this year. 

It has a wonderful light smell and the butterflies can't seem to stay away from it. It is a wonderful sight in the mornings while I enjoy my breakfast. 

While I eat, sip and watch I do take a moment to read my devotional and plan my week using my day designer. 

I really do enjoy these moments and it does feel like a "refreshing moment" happens. I sit look around at my home and I take it all in. I remind myself of how grateful I am and how life can be good. 

Enjoy your moments!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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