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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My Framing Project

While we were in Charleston I found this gorgeous drawing of magnolias. Now magnolias are another favorite flower of mine. I think that they are so attractive and fragrant so finding a huge poster of them was wonderful.

I found it at the gift shop at the Magnolia Plantation. It was such a beautiful picture and a wonderful price! We only paid $10 for it! I knew that I had to have it framed and I knew that I had some wonderful frames at home.

What it looked like before framing my new artwork. 

Assessing the poster and picking out the matting. 

It took them about a week to get the project finished. They called this past Sunday afternoon while I was running errands. I was looking forward to seeing it.....

Bringing it home....

Hello Beautiful!!!! It is gorgeous! Better than expected and I love the contrast between the matting and the photo. My husband wanted the matting to match the photo but I thought having two different colors would give it a more custom look. 

I could not wait to hang it. 

And just so you guys get an idea of how big it is.
I took this photo beside it. It is a large picture. 

I am so please with how this project turned out. Michaels only charged us $50 for everything which I thought was an outstanding deal. I now have this beautiful work of art that I can saw I got it while in Charleston. I will now consider custom framing for every picture that I want at home. 

Thanks for reading!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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