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Monday, August 20, 2018

Feminine Herbal Care

A few weeks ago my favorite author Jennifer L. Scott introduced this wonderful book on her Youtube channel called The Woman's Herbal Apothecary. I was so intrigued by her video that I purchased the book for myself.

I have had it for a month and have not put it down. I have been on a weight loss journey for sometime now and since my body is changing so much I have decided not to put some much pressure on myself to lose weight at a rapid pace. I asked myself recently, "why am I in a hurry?" I think since we are in a world where everything is expected in such a short amount of time we put these unreasonable time constraints to do everything. Instead of trying to lose weight so fast I have decided to educate myself on my body and food and I am loving this decision. 

In the beginning of the book JJ Pursell talked about having a positive feminine practice and giving thanks for all that you have, even when it doesn't feel like much. She also discussed the importance of understanding p.m.s. and not feeling like it it is a curse. She shares information on what herbs to use to help with mood swings and bloating. I actually found a herbal tea that helps with bloating and water retention. It works and has a wonderful cranberry flavor to it. 

There is a chapter on how to use herbal medicines and understanding herbal language. There are lists about several of the herbs that she uses and their purpose. 

Of course there are chapters about menstruation and what herbs and tonics to use to help with cramping and bleeding. 

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There is information about pregnancy and labor support. There were also chapters about infections and herbs you can use for those. This is such a wonderful book! 

After only a week of reading it I was at our organic grocery store buying herbal teas and fresh fruits and vegetables, organic eggs and whole grains. My body has been feeling much better the last two weeks. 

I have also added evening walks to my routine. I want to be diligent about keeping my body moving and developing a lifestyle change and not just a fad. 

Being a woman is wonderful thing. I believe it and do my very best to walk in it. 

Purchasing this book has really opened my eyes to learning about how to heal my body naturally and to stop and take my time at learning about my body and not to rush it. 

There are wonderful herbs out there for us and it will take time to change your body but I believe it will be worth the journey. 

If you wish to watch Jennifer's book review you may do so here. This is the video that inspired to me buy this book. Thanks for reading!!! 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley and Pinterest)

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