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Monday, August 27, 2018

August Favorites

It has been another month of wonderful finds for me. No need to have a long starting point, let's just get right into the new items that I have loved during this HOT month of August.....

I'll start with my most recent consignment find. I found this gorgeous gold Michael Kors Hamilton tote in saffiano leather at my local consignment store called Style Encore. I only paid $80! What a fantastic deal! The previous owner took very good care of it. There was no damage to the bag. I am very blessed to have found it. 

The second item that I have been loving is my red polish manicures. I believe that red nail polish is such a classy color and looks good on everyone. 

The third and fourth item that I have been enjoying all this month is the new heirloom apple scent at Bath and Body Works. When they had their candle sale this month I purchased 6 of these! I love it that much. My home smells so wonderful when I have them burning. 

The next item was this rose gold candle pedestal. It sold out online pretty quickly but I did manage to find this one. You may have to check your local stores to find the one I have in the photo. 

This fifth item has been my weekly trips to our new Whole Foods store in downtown Indianapolis. It is only a few blocks away from my building. I have been taking my lunch breaks to walk the three blocks and it has been wonderful. I am getting out of the office, getting fresh air and finding new healthy items to eat and enjoy. I also found a new source to obtain my weekly bouquets. Like these beautiful flowers that I found there for only $8! Fantastic right?

Another healthy store that I have added to my favorite this month is called Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market. I have been loving their rotisserie chicken salad and this beautiful kale salad. Doesn't it look delicious? I have been eating it non-stop this month. I have been so inspired by the Women's Herbal Apothecary book that I have been visiting local organic stores all over the city. 

Okay, now my seventh favorite this month has been our new mattress. I have been waiting 2 years for this mattress. It is a long story but we got it a week before we left for Charleston and August has been our full month with it. It feels like a new bed. I love it so much! It is a pillow top mattress with foam memory. Oh gosh...... 

And my last favorite has been this fantastic movie called Sense & Sensibility. It was released in 1995 and I am just now seeing it. I had a few hours at home and was scrolling through our on demand section. I always look at the "free movie" section and this was there. I thought why not. I am so addicted! I have watched it five times this month!

I adore everything about this movie. I love the beautiful English countryside. It has just enough of everything. I love the clothes, the language and it was wonderful acting. Sooo much better than so many films today. 

At first I didn't quite understand why the snobby daughter-in-law made fun of this cottage but then I thought well they are living in these huge estates so they don't quite see the charm in this beautiful English cottage. I adore this cottage. I thought it was so much better than that estate that they had lost. 

And I must admit that I was hoping that Marianne would end up with Colonel Brandon. I admired his character. I thought that he was so charming, attractive and attentive to her. But I don't want to spoil the movie for those who may have not seen it.  

Well those are my August favorites. Please let me know in the comments section if you enjoy these posts about my favorites. I know I posted one for July (see here) if you missed it. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope that you may have found a new favorite for yourself. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley & Google)


  1. Hello Mrs. Shockley,
    Firstly,please do continue to share your favorites for the month! I truly enjoy them and get plenty of inspiration to make my life more elegant. You are truly the epitome of elegance. I have been enjoying the Leaves candle from B&BW and I plan to go and check out the Heirloom Apple candle. Also, got new mattresses this past week, too. Ours was unexpected as my toddlers milk spilled and we could do nothing to get the old milk smell from our mattress. Oh well, we were overdue for new ones anyhow! But a new mattress is a luxury for sure. Now off to search for Sense and Sensibility movie on this rainy day!

    1. Hello Mya,
      I will do my very best to post about my favorites each month. Thank you for the lovely compliments although I have not been feeling very elegant this month. I have been an angry little elf. People have been horrible this month! I do remember smelling the Leaves candle. One of my friends really enjoys that scent. So you got a new mattress too? Yeah!!! Nothing like a new mattress to make you feel fresh in the mornings! I hope that you can find the movie. I do love it and watched it again this weekend. I hope that you enjoy it too!

  2. Love your favourites and that bag was beautiful and for $80 -- Bingo!
    Seems like August is Mattress Month.... I got a new one too with a sneeky draw on the bottom .... love it for throws .
    Life is very hard at times and a classic movie like any Jane Austen is a Must !!!

    1. Hello Lady Jicky!
      The price on the bag was BINGO! I felt like I hit the jackpot! Oh my goodness you got a new mattress too? Outstanding! Love the idea about having a drawer under it. Putting throws there sounds like a wonderful idea.

      You've seen Sense and Sensibility too? I loved it! Now I need to watch Pride and Prejudice.