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Friday, August 10, 2018

A Rosemary Inspired Party

Have you ever see a beautiful photo on Pinterest and began clicking on the sources to try to find out where you can locate whatever it is that you have fallen in love with? Yes you have? Good! Because I didn't want to be the only nutty person to do that.

Okay, this is the Pinterest photo that I became enamored with. So I clicked on the sources link and it took me right to Traditional Home. It was in an article from 2011 written by Krissa Rossbund and Julianne Hilmes. It was a patio party inspired by rosemary bushes. 

The china and table setting is stunning. Again, I would not have thought to put blue and lavender together. It is quite beautiful. 

An up close look at the floral arrangement. Beautifully done.....

Okay, so can we just stare at the garden chairs for a moment. These are exquisite! I love that they are different. 

A beautiful pear, pancetta and feta salad. The recipe is below...

And oh my does this look delicious! A ricotta cheesecake with blackberry sauce. Looks yum!

If you wish to read the original article you may do so here. This sure has inspired me in the clothing arena. I will now check my closet to see if I have any lavenders and blues that I can put together. See Pinterest continues to inspire. 

(photos via Traditional Home)


  1. Yes, a truly lovely colour combination! I have also very much enjoyed your recent posts about your visit to Charleston and the beautiful photos featuring the palette of pastel colours.
    I love how you find beauty everywhere you go Mrs Shockley. You are a true aesthete and an inspiration! Liza x

    1. Hello Liza!
      Thank you so much for stopping by! You have been reading the posts about Charleston? Fantastic! I truly love that city and have not stop thinking about it. I do my very best to find beauty everywhere I go. The world sometimes does not make it easy. I am an aesthete? I have never heard of that before. But you are right and I love it! Thank you Liza for finding me as a source of inspiration! That truly means a lot to me.