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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Historic Home Tour in Charleston

I was really trying to visit more than one historical home but we could only seem to fit in one. The house that we visited was called the Nathaniel Russell House.

Walking up to this beautiful neoclassical home. 

The wonderful gardens. For a moment I felt like I was in England. 

I wish it was spring. I could just imagine the magnolia flowers in bloom. 

One of my favorite photos....

Once inside our tour guide began with this wonder. There were lots of details in these stairs. 

The windows....

I was fascinated with this piece. I could not remember what it was but I had to get a picture. 

As you can imagine I loved this setting. The blue and white looks so charming. 

Just look at the details in this ceiling. It's extraordinary!

I was enamored with this room. The orange color on the walls, the drapes and how they flowed from windows, the antique blue and white chair. Not to mention the beautiful color of the original floors. 

The outdoor balcony.....

Then we entered this room. This is where the lady of the house would entertain her friends. I must admit that while our tour guide was discussing all of the details my attention to her was "in and out". I just could not stop looking at all of the features in each room. 

One thing did happen during our tour. We were with a young family who were from the Netherlands and they were apart of our group. Once our tour guide began discussing how Mr. Russell was a slave broker their youngest daughter immediately turned to me and began staring. 

I don't know what she expected. I guess she was waiting to see if I would get upset and have a fit or if I would just fall apart. I guess she was that curious about my reaction. She stared so much that it made our tour guide uncomfortable. She then stated in the middle of her explaining the job of Mr. Russell that "this was apart of history" and I agreed with her. I nodded to make her feel secure in what she was saying and to let the young girl know that all was well with me. Honestly, it is apart of history and African Americans were not the only slaves in history. So moving on.....

I had to get a photo of this beautiful Wedgwood piece 

Walking into the last room my daughter immediately noticed the harp. I could only imagine how much that was worth. 

Just look at the details!!!! She said it took years to restore everything. 

Just love the colors. 

It was a lovely tour and I did enjoy it. A lot of times I am inspired by the decor. It helps to come up with ideas for decor at home. Like some of the colors in this room. I would have never had thought to put pink with blue but it looks lovely. I believe the color of the furniture and the rug is pulling it all together. I hope that you enjoyed this tour and if you are ever in Charleston stop by the Russell home. 

Thanks for reading!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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