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Friday, July 6, 2018

The New Couch.....

A few weeks ago I posted an entry called "Ideas for a New Couch".  In that post I talked about how I was just so ready to get rid of the brown furniture that I had.

We have had brown furniture for over 10 years and honestly I didn't like the pieces when we purchased them. But we were on such a tight budget and needed to get rid of the horrible pieces that we already had so I just went with it.

I mentioned that I was on Wayfair taking a peek around and I found some couches or settees that I was interested in.

A lot of people liked the second one that I mentioned.

This is the Versailles sofa and it is lovely but it just didn't sing to me. I read all of the reviews and they were good but I also looked at some of the actually photos from people's homes and I just did not like it. 

The piece that "sung" to me was this. I just loved it! Now I didn't purchase this piece either. This is the Barryknoll settee which is what I was going to purchase but I wanted to find one similar but with a little more substance. 

So this is what I found and purchased.....

This is the Laurel Foundry settee in beige. I am so HAPPY!!! I do love it. It has changed our sitting room dramatically. It is very similar to the Barryknoll but cost a little more and is a little bigger. 

I love the texture and the color. 

I am loving it with my new brass arrangement that I found at the antique store this past weekend. 

I can't decide if I want it with my fluffy white pillow or the blue velvet pillow.

I think it looks great with my other tufted furniture pieces. 

Still loving my re-purposed cabinet. If you missed the blog post about this you may view it here.

I do look forward to spending more of my weekend mornings in my sitting room now. I am up before everyone else on most days so it will be nice to come down and have a cup of hot water, lemon and honey, read a devotional, plan events and organize my week with my new day designer and just enjoy the morning. Bonjour!!!

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