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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

An Elegant Boutique in Charleston

After roaming around downtown Charleston on our first day my husband wanted to get in the truck and drive around a bit more and I am glad that we did. We ended up finding this wonderful little boutique not far from all of the beautiful historic Charleston homes.

The Boutique Charleston provides home furnishings, gifts for showers, anniversaries and birthdays. They also provide items for your bedrooms, bathrooms, and I also saw beautiful lingerie. 

I wanted to stay longer and look around but we were headed to the Magnolia Plantation and didn't want to be late. 

There were beautiful faux flower arrangements everywhere. 

Beautiful linens

Sferra cocktails napkins and linens. 

The store was just beautiful!

And of course I had to pick up something.

And of course, I had them gift wrap it for myself. 
I wanted to have a wonderful surprise when I returned home.

I could not pass up those beautiful Sferra linen napkins. 

They are stunning and I am going to use them at home and work. I really loved this store and I guess it is a good thing that my husband was there because I would have seriously did some damage. 

(photos via Mrs. Shockley)

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