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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shopping for Bedding Sets

Let's continue our Wayfair journey. Since I was already on the site looking at couches, I started to think about other items I would like for my home. Bedding.....

I really like this set. The beige color would like great with any decor. This is called the Bridgestone Comforter Set. Lovely isn't it?

Okay, I know that this is super girly but I just love the color. It's so beautiful to me. This is the Oraine Comforter set and it has great reviews!

I am not a bed pattern kind of person but I think that this is quite charming. It is called the Rosedorf Seren Set. It is beautiful. 

I am leaning toward the first one but I just love the mauve color of the second one. Another item that I was taking a look at is area rugs. 

And last but certainly not least......I really like the Upham area rug. So many ideas in my head but we will see. 

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