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Monday, June 18, 2018

Ideas for a New Couch

Okay, there is nothing wrong with the couch that I have now in my sitting room but I have been wanting something different for so long now.

This is my sitting room now. It is a hodge-podge of items and honestly I like it. I don't like to buy "uniform" or living room sets. I think buying items separately and buying different items from all over the place takes creativity and imagination. 

I do like my blue and white with my brown couch but honestly I am just sick of brown furniture. You guys remember our gray sectional that we got last year (see here if you missed it). That was just the beginning of my brown furniture purge. 

This whole weekend I have been watching Hallmark movies and commercials for Wayfair just kept coming on. Honestly, I have never really paid much attention to them until I saw a black and white couch on the commercial and I thought hummmm, why don't I just take a look. 

I found this beauty. It is called the Barryknoll Standard Settee. They have it in several different colors but I really like the gray and for $250 why not! They also provided a video for it. How wonderful is that? 

The next couch that I saw was this. It is called the Versailles Sofa. We can see that I want another gray sofa with tufts and studs. I just think that it is classic. 

The next one was this Menyauthe Settee.

These are just a few of the couches that I am interested in. I am not sure which one I want but I will update everyone on the blog if I end up purchasing anything. It is always fun looking for new furniture pieces. I just want to find something that I will love. 

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