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Monday, June 4, 2018

Have a Chic Lunch

Does anyone have lunch alone? I know I do! There is nothing wrong with going to lunch with people but I usual take my lunch hour to relax and enjoy things that I like to do. Sometimes I take a walk to the mall (located across the street from my building) and go to some of my favorite stores. I read a magazine that I just recently picked up, read some other blogs, make some phone calls, etc.

I like to enjoy the full hour of my lunch. I recently brought in some of my vintage linen napkins that I just purchased from the flea market. They look so pretty with my antique dishes and cups.

I also take that time to practice table manners and etiquette. It is the perfect time to brush up and perfect those skills. I remember one of my favorite authors Jennifer L. Scott talking about dining alone. I loved the video that she did on her Youtube channel about it.

So that got me thinking about lunch utensils and bags. I saw these beauties at Von Maur and wanted to share them. 

This is the Kate Spade Rugby Stripe Lunch tote. I thought it was very chic.

Here is what the inside looked like.

I thought this one was nice too. It is called the Kate Spade Strawberries Lunch tote. 

Honestly, this is my favorite. If I had seen this at the store I probably would have purchased it. This is the Kate Spade Out to Lunch tote. I think it is quite lovely. 

Some of the lunch tupperware was chic also (see here if you are interested). I hope that you are inspired to go out and buy some nice lunch items for yourself.  Enjoy life wherever you can!

(photos via Mrs. Shockley and Von

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